In joining La Coop fédérée’s retail sector, Groupe BMR becomes integrated into a network with more than 100,000 members from amongst 75 affiliated cooperatives, while at the same time drawing on the strength of the Unimat hardware stores and renovation centres.



BMR and Unimat share the same profit objectives for their merchants and owner-members so that they can make sure their customers can procure the products and services they need, in their hometown, within the heart of the community and at competitive prices.



The 99 Unimat hardware stores, 185 Sonic service stations, 32 Olymel facilities, 16,000 employees and 100,000 members in La Coop fédérée’s network are proud to welcome Groupe BMR into their family!

La Coop fédérée is consolidating its position as a leader in the retail trade sector in Quebec and across Canada.

Groupe BMR is now one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, joining Olymel, Agrico, Agronomy and Sonic Energy as part of La Coop’s larger family.

This union allows two significant Quebec leaders to keep on leveraging local talent to offer our members and consumers the opportunity to procure the products they need close to home, in their community, at competitive prices.

La Coop fédérée

La Coop fédérée is the largest agri-food enterprise in Quebec. In associating with Groupe BMR, it is consolidating its retail sector which operates under the Unimat and Sonic banners. Present in the hardware sector since 1977, La Coop fédérée will now own 350 renovation centres and hardware stores.

Founded in 1922, La Coop fédérée is present throughout the agri-food chain and, as well as being a wholesaler, it also provides agricultural producers with all the goods and services necessary for their operations. Its activities are shared amongst three divisions: Agriculture Division (livestock production, crop production, grains), Retail & Innovation Division (Sonic, BMR & Unimat), and the Meat Division (Olymel). Including its network of 75 affiliated cooperatives, La Coop fédérée today employs more than 16,000 people with combined revenues of $8.5 billion.


Founded in 1967, BMR is a group of independent merchants who today operate 250 renovation centres and hardware stores in Québec, Ontario, the Atlantic provinces and on the islands of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon.

BMR retail sales are over $1.4 billion annually and some 5,000 people work in the stores that fly the BMR banner.


Started by agricultural producers and local entrepreneurs, Unimat is a banner of La Coop fédérée.

Flying the Co-op banner since 1977, La Coop fédérée modernized its image by founding the Unimat banner in 2003. Today there are 99 Unimat hardware stores and renovation centres in Quebec, Ontario and in the Atlantic provinces and 2,500 employees are proud to be working here.



With its BMR and Unimat banners, La Coop fédérée becomes the second largest player in Quebec’s hardware sector.

• 350 hardware stores & renovation centres
• 7,500 employees
• Present in 5 Canadian provinces



Our objective is to build on our respective strengths to increase our ability to contend in a sector of activity that is highly competitive.



January 2013
January 2013

La Coop fédérée & Groupe BMR confirm that discussions are underway on the subject of an eventual commercial agreement

November 2013
November 2013

La Coop fédérée buys a minority stake in Groupe BMR

January 2015
January 2015

Groupe BMR becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of La Coop fédérée

question fréquentes Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the two organizations choose to become associated?

The objectives of the partnership between La Coop fédérée and BMR are to become positioned for the future by consolidating our presence in the industry. By becoming associated together we will become stronger in order to face the competition. We will be able to benefit from competitive advantages in achieving a critical mass and building on our respective strengths. This good news for consumers and for Quebec’s economy!

Will the Unimat & BMR banners continue to coexist?

Yes. The BMR and Unimat banners are here to stay. Each has their own respective strengths of which we are very proud.

What will be the difference between shopping at BMR and shopping at Unimat?

This is a totally new partnership. We are currently in a transition phase and are working to position each brand. For each, our priority will always be to respond to our customers needs to ensure that when they leave the store, whether from a Unimat or a BMR one, they are completely satisfied.

Will Hugo Girard still be the spokesperson for BMR?

Yes, and he is someone we are very proud of.

Will Groupe BMR become a cooperative?

No, as with Olymel, it will be a subsidiary of La Coop fédérée and not a cooperative. Simply put, it will be owned by a cooperative.